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The Lord Of Death
By Sarah Simmons
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Bardo Theol
The Force Of Creation
Conditioned Responses
Man's Four Fold Body
Motion and Its Impact
The Laws of Creation
The Ten Sepharoth
The Vehicle of Creation


Educated By Angels


The Ten Sepharoth
Sarah Simmons

The Ten Sepharoth is energy forms with specific effects that are anthromorphised in an attempt to know of the great energies and their effects.
They are ten different master states of energy that result in ten different states of consciousness.
Each Sepharoth represents a specific state of consciousness that uses a specific type of energy.
Each Sepharoth differentiates into states of energy that will eventually be known as subconscious energy, supra-conscious energy and conscious energy.
Each Sepharoth has symbols or forms that represent the type energy and force it will demonstrate.
The Ten Sepharoth forms the Kabalistic view of how the world was created.
Three of the Sepharoth form the concept of force, form and consciousness.
The first three Sepharoth form the trinity of energies that result in all of life being formed and also are known as the three supernal or archetypal energies.
The three and the seven represent ten states of primeval energies that result in conscious knowing in the human mind and brain.
The ten primeval states of consciousness are ten different focal points the Divine Creator can use to create with and then know of its creations.
The ten Sepharoth are ten specific qualities the Creator intends all forms to be a part thereof , to partake of and then quantify or make greater by the use thereof.
The Ten Sepharoth is how the Wholeness of creation reveals itself to the parts.
The Ten Sepharoth is how the Creator limits itself by dividing itself into energy grids and then makes Itself greater in the assimilation of the parts back into Itself; a journey back into wholeness after the journey of separation (Life comes forth from contraction and the returns journey involves contraction).
The Ten Sepharoth is the vehicle the Creator uses to know of Itself although it appears it is for the benefit of you and me.
The Ten Sepharoth geometrizes or divide their energies for us to use in our journey of life. The energy we use is their essence and it is how we use it that determines when we, you and I, become “Transcendent”.
The Ten Sepharoth is the ladder one climbs down to live life, from a consciousness perspective and is the ladder one climbs up to return into fullness of life and All-Knowing”.
Once “full” the Ten Sepharoth or their essence becomes the life of consciousness to the next group of life that seeks to know itself.
The Ten Sepharoth is a roadmap to Enlightenment. Yet they are the enlightenment we seek to find. The seeker is the thing that it seeks to find.

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