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The Lord Of Death
By Sarah Simmons
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Bardo Theol
The Force Of Creation
Conditioned Responses
Man's Four Fold Body
Motion and Its Impact
The Laws of Creation
The Ten Sepharoth
The Vehicle of Creation


Educated By Angels


Motion and Its Impact By Sarah Simmons

      Everything in the Universe occurs because of some type of activity that is referred to as “motion”.
      You can learn of this activity or motion through its effects.
      You can learn of this activity in the movement of the stars, planets, suns, moons, or any medium of space; even the human body.
      Any motion or impulse has a specific amount of radiation or movement level within it.
      Each motion has a specific level of velocity or energy within it.
      We under
      stand the human velocity by measuring the lifespan of an individual.
      Any activity or motion within the Universe will impact the human unit resulting in devolution or evolution.
      Any activity or motion will result in the human unit either contracting or expanding.
      All collective activity results in all causes and effects although you can not isolate or discover the original cause and effect.
      Any activity within our Universe will impact the intra-cosmic and intra-planetary life or energy as well as impact the inner-human or inner-atomic life of anything.
      Any activity that takes place between atoms or forms affects all life within the form. Everything, whether invisible or visible, operates under laws of energy movement; called motion. Learn how the major movements within the Universe results in all forms that occur.
      The three great energies or states of motion result in the “Three Outpourings” or they may also be known as the three higher worlds in the world of form.
      Learn how memory plays a role in our lives through the rotary motion. Learn how growth occurs as a result of the cyclic motion and why the cyclic motion leads to death.
      Learn the role of the spiral motion in our lives; namely through the use of will power.
      The velocity of motion results in all laws of energy movement within the Universe.
      It is motion that enables us to come to know of LOVE.
      If you want to understand how motion made you and I, read this book.

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