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The Lord Of Death
By Sarah Simmons
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Educated By Angels

  Book Description:

The Lord Of Death Called Out My Name

         A signed and numbered edition that was published in 1994. I am releasing 100 copies from the original 1000 that I published in 1994. I released only 600 copies at time of publication. After these sell I will wait again for an inner sign to release another 100. I definitely intend to save 200 copies for my Mystery School library that is soon to open.

         In this book you will learn more about the next phase of life after one dies than in any other published book. It is possible I will speak of these truths in other books and lectures but not in this concise presentation.

         From many perspectives this book contains “high” levels of Truth about the afterlife that have been lost or hidden for thousands of years.

         I am releasing two other books about the death experience I had in 1989. They are vastly different because I am sharing different information from a different perspective. You will likely love them for they recount what each of us experience when we take the ultimate journey from here; called death. I focus on what I was feeling about dying.

The two subsequent books are companion volumes:

“Flashback” and “Educated By Angels”.
          The book “Flashback” focuses on what I experienced during the hours before death or was it minutes that “expanded” into hours of perception? Could it be I experienced everything simultaneously but the brain processed it through linear awareness? Read “Flashback” to find out.

         I will share a little secret, “we all experience the reliving of our lives and connect with our “defining” moments in preparation for adjustment in the afterlife(after death). Many people are of the opinion this event takes place after death ( it happens in both).

          In the volume “Educated By Angels” I recount in detail the battle I had with “Death Warriors”. You will be amazed to learn that many people resist death and encounter Beings whose sole purpose is to “bring you home” and assist in your death journey should you resist death and attempt to stay in physical form.

          I am certain you will be on the edge of your seat as I share with you how I fought them and what weapons I used to win the right to return to life. Plus learn who decided to send me back. Once you are dead, how can you come back/ Read the book and I will tell you.

          When the Angels educated me and taught me all truths in The Halls of Wisdom I was transformed into a different person than the one that died. Only in this book will you learn why. I have never shared this truth with anyone.

The Lord of Death Called Out My Name

Journey with me as I reveal great truths about the after life.

You will be absolutely amazed with my experiences.
As I was dying I heard music, heavenly music
I saw through the “walls” of my bedroom with perfect vision.
In the sky were thousands of angels singing.
Like a moth mesmerized to the flame I was powerless to resist them.
Resist I must or I will die. Their will is stronger than mine…or is it?
My resistance brought on the Lord of Death and his seven Death Warriors.
The Lord of Death Called out my name. HIS melodious voice shatters form and reverses gravity. I am going, going, gone. I am dead; though I live.
“Where Am I’? I tell you, in the book.

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