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The Lord Of Death
By Sarah Simmons
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Bardo Theol
The Force Of Creation
Conditioned Responses
Man's Four Fold Body
Motion and Its Impact
The Laws of Creation
The Ten Sepharoth
The Vehicle of Creation


Educated By Angels



          I am releasing two other books about the death experience I had in 1989. They are vastly different than The Lord Of Death Called Out My Name because I am sharing different information from a different perspective.

     You will likely love them for they recount what each of us experience when we take the ultimate journey from here; called death. I focus on what I was feeling about dying in the first book and learning in the second book.

      The two subsequent books are companion volumes,

“Flashback” and “Educated By Angels”.

      The book “Flashback” focuses on what I experienced during the hours before death or was it minutes that “expanded” into hours of perception? Could it be I experienced everything simultaneously but the brain processed it through linear awareness?

Read “Flashback” to find out.
      I will share a little secret, “we all experience the reliving of our lives and connect with our “defining” moments in preparation for adjustment in the afterlife(after death). Many people are of the opinion this event takes place after death ( it happens in both).

      Step into my world…Come with me…on my journey as I lay dying.

      Live my life with me as it plays back before my eyes… Like a never ending movie; raw at times, gentle at times, sad moments, bitter regrets, paralyzing sorrow, electrifying grace and child-eyed wonder.

      Feel the “forgetfulness” dissolve and see the gory pain of my failures. Come…be blinded by bones I have hidden in the graveyard of my memory…shameful things I have done that I wish were not exposed. Precious memories how they flood my awareness with their meaning, seemingly lost …until too late.

      Live with me…my “defining” moments. Experience what I felt. Tap into rapture. Partake of wonder that is usually reserved for your pre-death conditioning.

     Live through my eyes and emotions my vulnerabilities. Learn how innocence and wonder transforms vulnerabilities into swords of fire.

     Come…walk with me into the flame. Walk into my story. I will protect you with my “Swords of Fire”. I am purple now but be thee not afraid. In the twinkling of an eye I can be any color. What color do you want me to be? What is that question that you pose? “Am I human”, did you ask? Were you human when you walked into the book with me? Per chance did we go someplace else than in the pages of this book? In time you shall find the answer to this question…inside you…not in the book, this time.

     All of this and more…

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