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The Lord Of Death
By Sarah Simmons
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Educated By Angels


Educated By Angels

     In the volume “Educated By Angels” I recount in detail the battle I had with “Death Warriors”. You will be amazed to learn that many people resist death and encounter Beings whose sole purpose is to “bring you home”. They assist in your death journey should you resist death and attempt to stay in physical form.

     I am certain you will be on the edge of your seat as I share with you how I fought them and what weapons I used to win the right to return to life. Plus learn who decided to send me back. Once you are dead, how can you come back? Read the book and I will tell you.

     How would you handle confronting Dragons that speak and read your mind? Would you freeze as I initially did and feel the most awesome terror that can ever be felt? What makes them friend or foe? How did I turn the terror into wonder?

     Journey with me… through the desert of snow. Burn with me… while I freeze to death. Or did I tell already that the fire singed my soul and burned my blackness into white powder? Can you imagine what it feels to “burn up” and remain conscious of the intense pain, only to have the pain morph into bliss? Did I tell you the angel’s breath cooled the heat and chilled my anguish?

      “How can it be”; you say? Read and you will discover the secret of the Philospher’s Stone or is it a “tone”? Listen and you will hear. If you set aside your doubt perhaps the sounds of silence will sing to you as they did to me. Hear them sing through my words. Hear your own inner sounds of truth for I am truly you and you are truly I..

     Oh, yes, I have a key for you. You may find your Key of Destiny within my journey. For what one lives is only the portal for another one to journey within. The question is, “have you the courage to travel where angels tread and rule the land ?”

      Once I fought the Death Warriors and the Dragons of Truth I was liberated from the land of Death and Life. Though in these pages you will discover why I burned with a passion to come back and show you the way back. I brought the key back for you to use. Listen carefully when someone calls your name as mine was called. Is it the Trumpet of Truth or the Trumpet of Death? The difference between them is only one of tones.

     I have returned to be a Warrior of Ancient Truths. You will make a similar journey as told in this book. The difference is my story can be a manual for you to use when riding the canoe of the astral highways back to “The Land Of Acq” (Ocq). I had no reference manual when I passed over. My story is my gift to you… my gift to the world.

     Come with me…Enter the classrooms where the Angels educated and taught me all truths in life, all truths on Earth, all truths within the Universe…and yes, so many more places you aren’t aware you are within. The question is, “can you handle the truth?” Get a glimpse through my eyes and embrace truth for you are a part of it. I do not mean to imply you are the central part but an integral role you play, to be sure. Do you want to know who you really are? You can make that discovery within the words of this book.

     In the Halls of Wisdom I was transformed into a different person than the one that died. Only in this book will you learn why. I have never shared this truth with anyone. To be forthright you will likely be different once you read this book. If you wonder why read the book again.

     Come with me to a higher place of truth. I think you are very likely to find yourself there. “How can that be;” you say? Is it possible you can go where I went and learn what I learned without dying? Is it possible I came back just to tell you ancient truths? Is it possible the angels guide me even now as I share with you the hidden truths? Is it possible the information I share with you can liberate you from suffering? Is it possible the things I share with you are already inside you and that I provide only the code to unlock your access to them? You will only know if you read the book. Are your “angels of truth” within my book or do you have you own angels guiding you home and teaching you truths ? Ponder on that question for the answer. I am you and you am I!

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