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The Lord Of Death
By Sarah Simmons
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The Force Of Creation
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Man's Four Fold Body
Motion and Its Impact
The Laws of Creation
The Ten Sepharoth
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Educated By Angels


Breath The Force of Creation
Sarah Simmons

     Breath is the fire or essence of life.
     Breath is a force or has force within it.
     Breath can sustain life.
     Breath can enervate life.
     Breath can be recognized un-harnessed (to some extent) as electricity.
     Breath is the essence of Universal Mind.
     Breath reveals itself behind the mask of spirit within the world of form.
     Breath is called “The Great Mother” in philosophy.
     Breath is the point of Being-ness for you and I, although it is not the ultimate point of beginning-ness for you and I.
     Breath comes in many forms and forces with varying effects.
     Breath forms the basis for active intelligence; the ability to know.
     Breath forms the three basic motions within the Universe that we are subject to; those being the spiral motion, the cyclic motion and the rotary motion.
     Breath is a self-releasing and self-perpetuating energy that results in ideation or thoughts.
     Breath results in negative streams of energy, positive streams of energy and the relationship between the two; known as magnetism and charisma.
     Breath creates a union between two master streams of energy called centrifugal force and centripetal force.
     Breath results in all manifestations of form, even the human being and its experiences.
     The great breath separates into seven master breaths that impact you and me.
     The first great breath resulted in motion taking place (Is it part of the big bang theory?).
     The second great breath of creation resulted in two distinct lines of force, negative and positive.
     The third great breath resulted in the first and second breaths integrating and knowing of each other.
     The fourth great breath resulted in human beings seeing the light and making a self discovery within the light seeing or awareness.
     Learn how the three other great breaths interact that result in you knowing yourself.
     What came first, the breath or the life? Are they one and the same in different forms? .

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