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The Lord Of Death
By Sarah Simmons
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Bardo Theol
The Force Of Creation
Conditioned Responses
Man's Four Fold Body
Motion and Its Impact
The Laws of Creation
The Ten Sepharoth
The Vehicle of Creation


Educated By Angels


Bardo Theol
Sarah Simmons

Book Description

     In this book you learn to anticipate the experiences you face when you transition from this dimension (called death) into the next phase of your life (called the after-life).
     You face three distinct and different opportunities to become “transcendent”.
     You learn to experience sound in its basic creative modality, which is both constructive and destructive. Sound is the word. The Word is the Logos. The Logos sounds and shines. You must deconstruct what you built with the process while living in form. Deconstruction is called reconciliation. Reconciliation is called judgment, by some.
     You are prepared and vigilant when you meet and greet the 100 Wrathful and 100 Peaceful Deities. They will surely be waiting to make a connection with you.
     Trust not the Deities, no …not…never…ever…; each type Deity, both peaceful and wrathful, can entrap you into another incarnation if you can not process and reconcile all the energy you used during your life into “”exotic matter” or “neutrality-no charge”.
     Learn where the Bardo Theol actually is in relation to your life and experiences on Earth.
     Your mind opens as wide as space itself and you must empty it of all thoughts.
     You wander through the corridors of the wilderness of an unknown space…the vast panorama of an undiscovered territory…the territory of your mind…endlessly it winds through chains of thought. Where does it lead you?
     Follow the Yellow Brick Road of your Senses and surrender them, each in turn.
     Are you confronting the Ocean of Love and Mercy in Bardo Theol or is the Great Ocean simply “Maya”?
     Is the light an Angel or an Obstacle on your path in the Bardo Theol?
     Is the light separate and distinct from you or are you the Light that you confront?
     Is life hollow? Are you cold? Are you the hollow space? Are you the frigid cold?
     Are you fire? Are you water? Is the water burning? Is the fire wet?
     Are you anything at all except a thought? Are you lucky enough to believe you are a thought?
     Is thought only consciousness? Is consciousness only ideation? Would you settle for a thought? Would you be content to be a thought in the Bardo Theol? Have you the “esse” to know what is what?
     What…is that a kiss from the wind or does it turn its force upon me?
     Pray tell…does the ocean embrace me or does it swirl round and suck me down under into Netherlander? Am I in a land…at all?
     Am I falling from a cliff with no wings? Are there any parachutes to catch my fall? How can I fall into nothing if I am not any longer? Have I ever been…at all?
     Pray tell Heaven…hear my call…Sh.h.h.h. The bugle Call is Silence…here there is no sound at all. If there be no sound then I am not, or am I? Only the Bardo Theol can reveal the way and yet if you are there …there is no way…there only is! Is and Is Not!!!
     Is and All!!! Am I the Bugle or the Call? Have I ever lived at all? Did I even die? S.h.h.h.

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