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The Lord Of Death
By Sarah Simmons
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Bardo Theol
The Force Of Creation
Conditioned Responses
Man's Four Fold Body
Motion and Its Impact
The Laws of Creation
The Ten Sepharoth
The Vehicle of Creation


Educated By Angels



SARAH SIMMONS is a renowned personal-empowerment expert, spiritual healer, motivational speaker, educator and Radio Talk Show Host. The creator of 37 power-packed seminars and workshops, and nine videos on self-mastery, she has also written 67 books on personal growth and philosophy, and four screenplays. She hosted the inspirational radio talk show Life Success Learning, for ten years in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Talk America for six months.

Her Radio Show, "Talk of the Town" syndicates in October 2013 into 11 states and 68 on stations on CRN1. Her show will be each Sunday morning with t a theme of Wealth Talk. . Her Wealth Talk show features both noted, and achieved personalities and artists, as well as Heroes and Main-Street Americans. If you need to know how to do make money or get a job Sarah and her many guests, both experts and manistream America will teach you or show you. Even though her shows airs only in Arizona, California,Florida, Maryland, National, Neveda, North Carolina, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington , you can still hear the shows on your iphones, Blackberry, Droid and her intrernet radio at

Sarah comes from very humble beginnings. As a child she dreamed of far away places where even freckled faced girls in ragged clothes and dry stringy hair could find a prince and become a princess. Others teased her when she said the world is what you make it and she would find a prince in her world. Maybe that is why she had such a fascination with frogs and named them all "Prince". To be sure she never told any of them how often she kissed the frogs (there were many in the swamps) nor that she expected each one in turn to become her Prince.

Please notice she always expected things to happen and over the course of her life her expectations have become her realities. Did she find her Prince? Perhaps you should ask her when you see or interact with her.

She will surely teach you the secrets of "Expectations" as a major key to success.

Her firm resolve to be somebody and to have a life beyond survival; beyond those dry and humid cotton fields occurred first within her mind. She could enter a place where the key to getting in was simply "belief." No matter if you were poor. No matter if you were a "Nobody". She lived in this world even though many thought she lived among them.

She will help you regain your belief if you have lost it or help you find it if you never knew you had it.

Her siblings thought her lazy as she gazed across the barren land, beyond the boundaries of the parched cotton fields. Some might say it was an imaginary world but somehow she knew it was her future she was building; one thought at a time. Young though she was she long ago learned to keep her world a secret else they ridiculed her and accused her of foolish dreams.

She learned to be present with them and yet without them knowing she learned to look out across the fields in furtive glances. She saw herself in a strange land, certainly strange to her since she lived in a shack. She saw herself inspiring millions to believe in their capabilities. Sometimes she got confused between dreaming and living, and would have to hurriedly catch up her work along beside her siblings. She often got dirt in her eyes as she rubbed them to get a clearer picture of the opulent paintings she thought she owned.

Sometimes she saw them clearly while other times she thought them to be blurred. She loved words and books and paintings. It would be years before she realized she was building her future levels of services when she was five and six years old.

You might think her unrealistic yet how can you deny that sometimes children know more than they should in a given circumstance? Everyone agreed Sarah was different, even wise beyond her years, and though they teased her about her big dreams given her circumstances, she paid them no mind at all. She knew she was born to serve and dreamed about getting an education so she would be somebody, and be able to serve the world. I guess you figured by her dreams she actually considered herself a "nobody" without an education.

Circumstances forced Sarah at an early age to give up her big ambitions of getting an education and becoming somebody as a result of that education. She entered the work place as a waitress rather than her imagined status of a princess. Those personalities are universes apart as you might well discern. One has no power and the other only seeming adulation. Sarah married to relieve her Mother of the burden of caring for and feeding her.

If you ask her when she stopped dreaming of grand vistas and saw life in a realistic way she will likely tell you that she just buried her dreams a little deeper in the psyche. Others thought she grew up overnight but she could tell them she was born old and all grown up already. Her days of youth were just up the road a ways.

Sarah's life story is an inspirational tale of overcoming adversity and setbacks against all odds. Born into a large family in a small, rural Alabama community, she left school after 8th grade and married at 14. By 17, she was the mother of two sons. Deprived of a solid formal education but hungry for knowledge, she read Webster's Dictionary (the only book the family owned!) from cover to cover.

Her indomitable spirit and courage and remarkable "I Can Do It!" attitude served her well. By 19, divorced and living in Santa Maria, California, with her two boys, she found work as a waitress and a new resolve: to make a better life for herself and her sons. She succeeded beyond her wildest dreams through real-estate sales and smart investing. Soon she had a Cadillac, designer clothes and more money than she had every imagined. It was about this time that, materially satisfied but spiritually empty, Sarah "died" and was reborn with remarkable insights and the ability to transform not only her own life but the lives of others.

A twist of fate in 1989 forever changed Sarah's life, transforming her from wealthy real-estate entrepreneur to empowerment coach and teacher. Following an incredible near-death experience, she "returned" to life in many ways a new person, with extraordinary mental skills and abilities. Now, through her powerful books, seminars, videos and radio programs, she devotes her life full-time to helping others. A warm, articulate and inspiring teacher of universal laws and powerful truths, she shows people how to trust and act on their own inner truths, to transform their lives from poverty and pain to prosperity and joy. She demonstrates in simple steps, easy to grasp and apply techniques that enable anyone with passion to activate their own, inner dormant powers to manifest whatever is desired whether it is money, health, joy or love. The universal secrets of instant manifestation are made available to you through her teachings, seminars, web radio, public radio and personal consultations.

Her determination and triumph over major challenges led this amazing woman to her life's work - empowering countless people to get past limiting beliefs and roadblocks to success and happiness, to tap their personal power and create the lives they want. Today, her fascinating personal story, rock-solid inner strength and profound insights into the human condition inspire and illuminate people from all walks of life!

Many have experienced life transforming events on her sacred journeys she leads into the jungles of Peru and Mexico and other power centers of the Earth. Others have learned universal secrets and truths in her mystery school classes that have remained hidden from the public for thousands of years.

This year she embarks on a personal journey across the United States to promote her most recent books, "Educated By Angels" and "Are You Rich Yet." For those individuals eager to learn what happens when you die you will want to purchase her book, "Educated By Angels." There is more information in this book about the after life than any other known printed works. Have you ever wondered where your departed relatives or friends might be and can they be contacted from this dimension? You can learn the answers by reading her book. Is there a heaven and a hell? Do we really continue life after death in the next dimension? Are we all judged by some entity that sentences us to either Heaven or Hell? The answers to these questions will change the way you perceive death hereinafter. Journey with Sarah as she fights the Angel of Death only to lose the battle and find herself marched into the kingdom of judgment. Learn how and why her life was restored after she was taught all universal truths to share with others in the upcoming Age of Aquarius. This is a book that will likely become a classic because it will lift the lid off the greatest fear of the masses; the fear of death and dying.

For those ready to experience unlimited powers of love, health and wealth you will definitely benefit from her book, "Are You Rich Yet." To change any circumstances in one's life requires understanding of what is controlling you in the first place. Then you must ascertain how you are controlled and kept in your current states of lack and under-privilege rather than in your divine place of unlimited blessings. If you are not rich yet you can benefit from this great book. You will learn how to " link into" wealth, health and love. That's right, you have got to catch it or tune into it. Most of us are too busy making a living or struggling just to get by to tune into wealth or become rich. If you are ready to make a change in your fortunes then you must acquire this book and get on the road to becoming the master of health, love and riches.


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